I know I'm speaking the wrong language (sorry), and that in all probability no one can understand me, but a couple notes on this page. First, the naming scheme for irc channels changed a while back. its #wikinews-de not #de.wikinews. #wikimedia-commons, not #commons.wikimedia. In addition the online irc client has not been hosted by Ilya (Tiredbrain.com) for a very long time. Other servers that do work http://chatwikizine.memebot.com/cgi-bin/cgiirc/irc.cgi (probably best one due to associated with wikis) http://irc.net/cgi-bin/irc/irc.cgi (allows all servers, not just freenode, so you can watch live recent changes. but fairly busy and need to switch advanced settings ) and http://wnirc.awardspace.com/advanced.html (some info might be wrong in table) . The English wikinews uses a login form directly embedded in the page Sorry to bug you guys in a foreign language. Bawolff 21h35min de 16 de novembro de 2007 (UTC)Responder

Also you can do:

if you want. (I could have the box translated for you guys if you want) cheers Bawolff 03h37min de 11 de junho de 2009 (UTC)Responder