1. Write your article as you would do in Wikinews English Edition. Don't forget the sources and respect the Wikinews' usual rules.
  2. When you write avoid complex constructions. Be direct, avoid passive voice and slang. The important thing is: your text should be understandable. The text's beauty comes in 2nd place.
  3. Find an translator tool. There are several free translators in internert. I recommed this translator because it already has showed good results. Translate both the title and the body of your article. The sources section doesn't need to be translated and all you have to do is to copy and paste. Do the same with: "date" or "dateline". Regarding the "categories": see the note below.
  4. Type a headline in the box above, then click "Create article", and copy your translated article.

Visit the International Contribution page and see the status of your article. Right there you will find a grade for your translation effort.