{{{1}}}. {{{2}}}

To display IP addresses such that the full address cannot be captured by the crawler of a search engine. Between the first and second octet of the address, an one pixel wide non braking space is inserted.
{{IPnr|<1st octet (w/o dot)>|<2nd up to including 4th octet (with dots between the octets)>
[|<range (w/o slash)>[|<link parm>[|<position parm>]]]}}
<link parm>
Determines what clickable links are displayed. The following values apply:
1 - shows the IP as a clickable link to contributions of the IP;
2 - shows link to talk page of the IP;
4 - shows link to current block list, filtered for the IP(/range);
8 - shows link to block log for the IP[/range];
16 - shows link to page to block the IP[/range] for 1 hour (default). Only useful for special applications.
The values may be bitwise OR'ed (similar to many program languages). In other words: may be added to get any combination of links.
<position parm>
If not empty or <>0: positions the strings with links below the IP, otherwise these are following the IP on the same line. Should be used within a block element, such as a table cell, as the links will center align.
Parameters that are not used, may be left empty.
  • {{IPnr|123|123.123.123}} gives 123. 123.123.123
  • {{IPnr|123|123.123.0|24}} gives 123. 123.123.0/24
  • {{IPnr|123|123.123.123||7}} gives 123. 123.123.123
  • {{IPnr|123|123.123.0|24|12}} gives 123. 123.123.0/24
  • <table align=center><td>{{IPnr|123|123.123.0|24|16|1}}</td></table> gives
    123. 123.123.0/24
    (reg. bloq.)