Diferenças entre edições de "'Little Spain' de Manhattan chega em grande tela, documentando a imigração latino-americano na cidade de Nova York"

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Artur Balder works closely with New York's {{w|Museum of Modern Art}} (MoMA) in order to show the film in NYC. He is currently working on two new projects: ''The Reality of the Imaginary'', with Nobel prize-winner {{w|Mario Vargas Llosa}} and Cervantes literature Award recipient {{w|José Manuel Caballero Bonald}}, on a documentary about artist {{w|Joan Castejón}}, expected to premier at the MoMA in 2015. The second project being with Armenian-American painter {{w|Tigran Tsitoghdzyan}} and renowned art critic {{w|Donald Kuspit}}.
AlsoIn conclusion, the film shows how Spain contributed to the vast wave of emigration of Europeans to the
Americas which, in the late XIXth and early XXth century, transformed the three
continents. But theThe document finally describes clearly that compared to some of the other national or ethnic groups of immigrants
that came to the United States (eg, Italian, Irish, Polish) the Spaniards constituted a
drop in the bucket of US immigration, stated the {{w|Spanish Benevolent Society}} in its press release, adding that the DVD will go on general (non limited-edition) release probably by the end of 2015.